New Concept Development

New Concept Development

At YCC, we work in a collaborative process with owners, developers, architects and property holders to implement the highest quality of service your restaurant can achieve. We conceptualize and develop a specific plan of action to align with your business goals. We use a 5-step approach to design top-performing restaurants.

The TRG 5-step Approach


We start by learning about your vision, concept, and ideas and what you have in mind for your menu design, service style, location, budget and timeline.


We take a look at your potential competitors and create a strategic list for analysis to be used during a site tour in your local market or in a saturated competitive market.


During our competitor site tour, we survey the market, analyze and compare other local concepts, and discover your competition’s successes and shortcomings. This process will allow us to identify the best practices and develop the niche that gives your business the upper hand.

Plan of Action

In a brand identity brainstorm session, we establish a plan of action that includes direction for your restaurant concept. We discuss the restaurant’s look and feel, design, brand value, pricing, menu, equipment needs, ideal locations, and other requirements.


In the YCC reporting phase, we work with our clients to produce the following deliverables to help you achieve a seamless implementation & launch for your establishment.

What To Expect

Restaurant Concept Guide

TRG will find the images to promote your brand and bring to life your ideas and visions. The Restaurant Concept Guide includes your food and beverage strategies, market niche, direction, service approach, business goals and an example menu.

Financial Feasibility Study

We provide a Financial Feasibility Study that will identify the capital budget requirements for your concept. It will include a budget for your lease, a breakeven analysis, projected check averages, sales forecasting, food costs, beverage costs, labor costs, a profitability plan and a five-year pro forma.

Business Plan

The YCC Business Plan is based on the information provided in the Restaurant Concept Guide and the Financial Feasibility Study. It outlines the current market, a long-term growth plan, and the other information needed for successful operations.

Restaurant Layout

Our Restaurant Layout is a prototype including full-scale drawings of the back of the store, kitchen equipment, walk-in coolers, bars, front of the store, dining area, waiting area, and any other spaces in your plan.

Investor Pitch Deck

When you need it, we can design a sales presentation based on the information we’ve included in your Restaurant Concept Guide. This slide deck is a great tool to use in investment or landlord negotiations.

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