Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study

Along with a solid business plan, the next step toward the success of your new restaurant includes a feasibility study. This evaluation of your project confirms that your restaurant concept is viable, with a potential for profit, and includes an analysis of the optimum locations you should consider for your establishment.

For Owners and Investors

At YCC, we guide you in a comprehensive feasibility study that involves a cost/benefit analysis and one of the most important decisions for your new restaurant—location. We help you find the best restaurant location based on your customers, your budget, and your competition. TRG will guide you with data and recommendations for these critical components:

  • Natural and manmade barriers affecting the trade area
  • Demographics and identification of the trade area
  • Traffic count (foot, road, public transportation)
  • Potential location issues and solutions
  • Local restaurant marketing potential
  • Direct and indirect competition
  • Photographs of the trade area
  • Advertising options
  • Staffing potential
  • Ingress/egress

When you engage with YCC for new restaurant consulting, we guide you to make informed decisions for positive outcomes. With valuable market statistics and considerations for demographics and a favorable locale, you increase your opportunities and lower your risks. Our YCC experts are experienced in every facet of the restaurant industry, and we rely on a comprehensive feasibility study to include:

  • Staffing and Management Advice
  • Industry Resources
  • Market Statistics
  • Best Locations
  • Competition

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